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Welcome to the ARRL Oregon Section website
My goal is to make sure this website is always current during my term(s) as section manager. I want to have as many communication methods available as possible to hear what you in the Oregon section have to say. This is one of many ways for me to hear you. I welcome any suggestions for content. With the help of the section leadership, it will be added to continually. I look forward to working with you and am making plans to visit all the affiliated clubs in the state during my first year in office and hope to be able to participate in some of your activities. I have visited some ARES groups as well.

Also please keep in mind that this website is a work in progress and we will do our best to keep it updated with the information provided by our amateur radio community. Currently login access is limited primarily to the Oregon section cabinet. I am beginning to provide access to individuals designated by the DEC's for updating ARES-related information. As we make more features available you will be notified via the arrloregon Yahoo Group. Join the group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arrloregon/.

I also send regular informational emails to the yahoo group. Much of what I send will appear in the next SM report, but by being in the yahoo group, you get advance notice of the news. I also forward messages that come from the ARRL to section managers that may be of interest as well.

If you have information that you want posted or updated on this page, please send to me at ab7zq@arrl.net. If you submit news to that link, please notify me that it is there so that I can go look for it. We receive a lot of spam messages at that link.

Sunday 23 November 2008
November Oregon Section Club News
I would like to welcome a new club to the Oregon Section. The Harney County Radio Association (HCRA).
The mission of HCRA is to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio, promote operating efficiencies and member knowledge, and to provide emergency communications capabilities and services to the communities of eastern Oregon. HCRA has applied for club affiliation with the ARRL.
Since it's formation in October, HCRA has gained a current membership of 13 hams and has elected the the following members as officers:
President; Tom Sharp K7COW
Vice President; Steve Ryder WA7WKH
Secretary; Al Foulke KE7IZH
Treasurer; Walt Cooper WA7VGR
HCRA holds regular monthly meetings at 10 AM on the second Saturday of each month in the Racine Building across from Harney District Hospital in Burns.
HCRA is also pleased to announce that a new VHF open repeater on 146.760- with the call sign of WA7WHK is now in operation atop Radar Hill (the former site of a decommissioned US Air Force base radar facility) near Hines, OR.
Any inquiries or information about HCRA should be directed to: harneycountyradioassociation@yahoo.com

On November 12, Radio Amateurs of the Gorge (RAGS) sponsored an “Introduction to Amateur Radio” course. The course is for the general public and is a once-a-year opportunity to learn more about amateur radio and what we do. The course is under the auspices of the Hood River School District Community Education Program.

The McMinnville Amateur Radio Club (MARC) reports that the Salem Ham fair will be on Valentine's Day next year.
MARC reports that the Eola Hill repeaters received new antennas and other upgrades. The repeaters are on 146.640- and 441.800+. Two hustler antennas were installed and received new feed lines during a day long trip on the hill.

The Western Oregon Repeater Club (WORC) reports that on Friday, October 24, 2008 the club activated three Icom D-Star repeaters at the WORC Sherwood site. The 1292.000 analog repeater was replaced by one of the new repeaters.
The available repeaters are:

WB7DZG A 1.2 Data 1248.750 MHz

WB7DZG B 70cm Voice 444.2625 MHz +5Mhz offset

WB7DZG C 2m Voice not installed yet

WB7DZG A 1.2 voice 1292.000 MHz -20 MHz offset

The Gateway is not active, and we do not yet have a local server, so it is a basic D-Star node with cross band local operations on 70cm and 23cm bands, as well as the repeaters on both bands.

WORC welcomes any signal reports from all users. These repeaters are not connected to the WORC analog system but are in addition to those capabilities. Users will need D-Star radios to use these systems. Send your signal reports to: worc@qsl.net
The clubs call sign; WB7DZG was previously held by Western Oregon Radio Club founder and President Frank Hoffman. That call sign being used on these new repeaters is a fitting memorial to Franks enthusiasm for new adventures in Amateur Radio.
WORC is grateful to the Ham Radio Outlet store in Tigard Oregon for their assistance and support in completing this project.

Club elections are coming up for most clubs, please let me know who gets elected in your club.

I hope you all have a great and safe Thanksgiving. Until December,

Pat Roberson, N7PAT
Assistant Section Manager, Administrative

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Monday 20 October 2008
Oregon Section Club News
Courtesy of Graham Hicks, W4PJS, President of the Grande Ronde Radio Amateurs Association:

"The Grande Ronde Radio Amateurs Association
(GRRAA) will be offering its first Technician Class licensing course
beginning November 6, 2008. Space for the class has been donated by Lowell and Donna Fuhrman, managers of the Rendezvous RV Park in La Grande. Donna was one of the first to sign up for the course. We will be using the Gordon West Technician License Manual and covering the test questions and many live demonstrations in eight weekly sessions, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year omitted. The FCC exam will be given on the ninth session (January 22) by the GRRAA VE team of Steve Ratzlaff (AA7U), Larry Wilson (W7IXZ), and John Davis (KE7RVJ). (I would be on the VE team except for the fact that my XYL, Barbara (KB7DRI), plans to take her General upgrade test at the session!)

If there are amateurs in the Eastern Oregon area interested in taking the
exam, they should contact me (gramhix@verizon.net) before 15 December so that we can insure sufficient test materials are ordered. We are under the ARRL VEC. The testing will be open so long as we have the appropriate test materials.

Cost of the class is $25 including the book; registration and fee deadline
is Oct. 26. The $14 test fee will be collected on the test date.

The Southern Oregon Amateur Radio Club (SOARC) reports that an engineer from the FCC Office in Vancouver, WA will at the club's next meeting to discuss the change over to digital TV. The meetings are held at the Fruitdale Grange on the Rogue River Highway on Tuesday October 21, at 7 PM.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you at the Swaptoberfest in Rickreal on October 25.

If you would like to share news of your club activities with the rest of the Oregon Section, please send the information to me at: n7pat@yahoo.com. I will include it in the November edition.

Pat Roberson, N7PAT
Assistant Section Manager, Administrative
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Sunday 21 September 2008
Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race needs amateur radio operators!
Calling all Operators….. Calling all Operators....

The Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race would like to invite Amateur Radio Operators to join us for the Jan 2009 Sled Dog Race.

During January, Volunteers and spectators gather in Joseph, Enterprise and Halfway Oregon to support the running of the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race. This Race brings Mushers and their Teams from across the country to run through the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, which contains the Eagle Cap Wilderness, for both a 100 and 200 mile event. The Race is a Qualifier for the legendary Races in Alaska and Canada, the Iditarod and Yukon Quest respectively.

For safety and logistic support, Checkpoints are established across the Trail with the 2009 proposed Checkpoints being Salt Creek Summit, Ollokot Campground, Safety, Cornucopia and Halfway. Headquarters for the Race are located in Joseph at two diverse locations. These Checkpoints will be staffed with Volunteers to provide Shelter, Food, Veterinarian care, Logistic support, snow-machiner transportation and of course a multi-layered Communications Network. Again this year the Checkpoint Communication modes available will be Land-line, Internet, Satellite Tracking devices (SPOT) and Satellite Phone at Checkpoints. We are excited to invite Amateur Radio Operators to provide vital Communication support to the event. This Septmber, we will be range and band testing to determine the HF, VHF and UHF bands we will be utilizing. We will also field test HF Amateur antenna configurations.

This year, we are investigating the opportunity for experienced Amateur Radio Operators to exercise their Net skills in an exciting winter community service setting. The Checkpoint Communications Volunteer will be vital to passing 3rd party traffic as well as providing support of critical situations and SAR efforts. Law Enforcement from Wallowa and Baker County, SAR Teams and US Forest Service personnel regularly participate as Volunteers and in a professional role during the Race. The Communication Volunteers are vital to providing real time information and coordination for general messaging, Logistics and in support of critical situations through various and appropriate Communication modes.

To learn more..please email me at president@eaglecapextreme.com for a detailed job description, proposed Network overview, Volunteer opportunities and a Volunteer application.

We would like to add to our Amateur radio committee Project Management Team. Please email me if you wish to be involved

Please stop by our web site www.eaglecapextreme.com supplied by EONI.com to learn more. The site is under construction but still provides good information and photos.

Depending on the level of Amateur Radio Operator participation, we may establish a Special Events Station to operate during the Race. These are exciting times for us and invite join us to exercise your skills in a challenging environment to a non-profit event, Eagle Cap Extreme!!

73s KL0CW
Clyde Raymer, Jr.
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Friday 19 September 2008
Coos County ARES Report - August 2008
19 members supported the "Circle the Bay" 30 K running race on August 2nd, gaining experience in net procedures and discipline, and the use of tactical calls in a real life situation.

Dan Bissell, EC, W7WVF
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Jackson County ARES - August 2008 Report
JCARES members contributed 46 hours of service during the month of August.

The conversion of a donated ambulance to an emergency communications vehicle is proceeding on schedule. All of the HPP grant funds were expended prior to the August deadline and all of the radio equipment for the first phase of the conversion has been acquired. Additionally, the vehicle has been painted and lettered (photos attached). Some electrical problems remain with the vehicle and these will be addressed in the next several weeks. Once the vehicle is sound electrically, medical equipment will be removed and an operator console will be constructed and installed. The vehicle is stored in a hanger at the Medford airport so work on the vehicle can proceed somewhat independent of the weather. Efforts are underway to obtain security access to the airport for several ARES members so that unescorted access to the vehicle will be available.

An ARES field exercise was held in lieu of the August monthly meeting. The exercise was held on the grounds of the VA Rehabilitation Center & Clinic and, in addition to the field locations, will utilize the permanent amateur radio station at this facility. While the turnout of members was modest, the exercise provided valuable training for operations in the field. More training is needed in message handling.

Efforts to upgrade the amateur radio station at the VA Rehabilitation Center & Clinic are underway. Old connectors are being replaced and the VA Electrical Department will replace and reroute the antenna coax into the station facility. Old amateur equipment will be surveyed and the room reconfigured to accommodate existing and new equipment. The VA Deputy Regional Director has expressed interest in having ARES take responsibility for the amateur radio station and operate it as an emergency station supporting both VA and local emergency situations. No decision by the ARES EC has been made regarding this request. While ARES may take an active role in the operation of the station if operators are available, it is unlikely that ARES will enter into a formal agreement with the VA to support the station.

The ARES radio station at the OSP Central Point station remains dismantled. Indications are that this is a temporary situation and the station should be operational again in several months.

The ARES EC will be out of the country from September 14th until October 12th. The AEC, Kirby, KL7VK will be in charge of all ARES activities during this period.

Don Montgomery, EC, WB7Q
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Yamhill County August Transmitter Hunt Report
Those who showed up for this month's Yamhill County Transmitter Hunt had a good time in spite of occasional showers. We had two teams, Colin K7FM rode with Kuon KB7WRG and Bonnie AB7ZQ rode with Dale WB6BYU. Rodney KE7UTP stopped by at the start to see what we were doing, but didn't have time to go out with us.

Colin and Kuon started out after the ELT, which, unlike many previous hunts, had sufficient signal at the start (partly due to a new antenna). Bearings pointed somewhat North of West, and at the far edge of town they still pointed up into the Baker Creak / High Heaven area. But heading up Orchard View Road to High Heaven Road the signals came and went, sometimes disappearing and sometimes appearing to come from all directions. Just past the junction with Willis road their quad came apart following an altercation with a tree branch, and their backup antenna didn't have enough directivity, so they gave up on the ELT and headed back towards the 2m transmitter instead.

After showing the equipment to Rodney, Bonnie and Dale headed out after the 2m transmitter which was about due East from the start. They got all the way to the end of Riverside Drive and onto Riverside Loop, only to discover that Kuon had put it on the other side of the Yamhill River near Reid Lane. Back around and out Third Street and Highway 18, where 40 MPH was about as much as it seemed prudent to push the quad. Turning into the RV park the signal pointed back West towards the Evergreen Museum, but moving about 50 feet further up the road gave a bearing to the North instead. So one road further down 18 to Loop Lane and around to where the transmitter was sitting in a ditch in some weeds.

Heading back through town after the 2m beacon, Colin and Kuon looked at the map and headed directly across the river, skipping the side trip out Riverside Drive. Meanwhile Dale and Bonnie had gotten a good bearing on the ELT from out on highway 18 and encountered the same inconsistent signals as they drove up towards High Heaven. But about a quarter mile past where the others had turned back the signal got strong and they found the beacon beside the road on the south side of High Heaven hill. (Dale retrieved it without any more stings from the bees' nest he disturbed while setting it out.)

Lessons learned:
Bring the operator manual for your equipment if you haven't used it much.
Make sure your antennas are in good repair.
Bearings may be very erratic in hilly areas.
Close attention to your map may help you avoid traps.
If there is a sneaky place to hide the transmitter, Kuon will put it there.
(She claims she had a good teacher.)

The next hunt is scheduled for Sunday 28 September, same time, same place. Hope to see you there!

- Dale WB6BYU
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Curry County ARES Grants in Progress
Good news- The process of obtaining a large grant for new equipment for Curry County ARES is on a firm track. The original grant submitted was for 3 "Flyaway Packages" only. The present configuration is for those Flyaways at $11,750, plus 4 full sets of gear for new Packet nodes at $6,774.

At Scott Bakker's urging, we had added in a request for south county EOC equipment at $4,152 and for 24 handhelds at $7,200. These were deleted, in part because additions to the original grant are not generally allowed, and there was not a firm agreement between the county commissioners and Brookings city officials in the form of a written mutual understanding for the equipment placement at the new Brookings PD facility.

The additional monies are not lost. These grants come up quarterly, and the non-granted money remains in the pot. The amount that was granted, for example, came from an original 2006 allotment. Needless to say, a strong effort to obtain the understanding between the county and Brookings for a new EOC gets a high priority with me.

The grants are awarded under strict federal control, both before and after the fact. The original "specific use" definition for the Flyaways is due to diligent and systematic efforts over a period of time by Phil Barker KB6NZV, the county IT Director and an ARES AEC. Moving the grant ahead, again following the specific use defined, has been handled by Commissioner Nowlin. I sat in a working session with Barker and Nowlin on Friday, and our mutual frustration with the fact that all necessary steps were not in place for all added aspects was obvious. I expect good support from them both, as we follow the necessary steps in the future.

The Flyaway packages will be terrific. They include transceivers for amateur hf, vhf and uhf, a transceiver for air vhf, another for marine vhf, antennas, etc. They will be packaged in durable cabinets, and all are intended to be transported to locations where unusual communications needs are present. Josephine County ARES has volunteered to give us the value of their experience in setting up similar packages.

The Packet nodes will provide digital links to local and outside agencies when all are in place. The new gear will free up some of our older components, which we may use in additional locations.

Not exactly related, but the big package of equipment from Oregon Emergency Management for hf and vhf voice and digital is moving along, and may be received in the near future. I will find out specifics at an ARES leadership conference on September 13. It is my understanding that receiving the gear is dependent on taking training to operate it, which will come at the same time. So, please consider your plans to attend the necessary session or sessions.

I encourage your full support of Curry ARES as we move ahead.
Bob W7VN,
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Douglas County Emergency Locator Transmitter Search Public Service Report
Subject: Public Service Activity Report

1. Nature of Activity: Alert

2. Activity Description: Emergency Locator Transmitter search

3. Places or areas involved: Douglas County, Canyonville, Oregon

4. Number of amateurs participating: 4

5. Event start date/time: 8/3/2008@1130 hrs.

6. Event end date/time 8/4/2008@0230 hrs.

7. Duration of event (hours): 3

8. Total person-hours: 12

9. Number of repeaters used: 1

10. Estimated person-power cost: $ 228

11. Estimated cost of equipment used: $ 8000

12. Total estimated cost of service (10+11): $ 8228

13. Nets and/or frequencies used: 146.900 Mhz. repeater KC7TLY

14. Number of messages handled: 0

15. Names of agencies receiving communications support: Oregon Emergency
Response/Oregon Emergency Management and Douglas County Sheriff's Office

16. Call signs of major participants: KE7JFQ, KE7KED, KB7WDR

17. Other comments: Searched for emergency locator transmitter, and then
in following satellite passes, it no longer appeared.

Amateur Radio organization providing service: Douglas County ARES

Location: Roseburg, Oregon

Submitted by:
Gerald Eifert, KB7WDR

ARRL appointment: Emergency Coordinator

Your E-Mail address kb7wdr@arrl.net

Signed: Gerald H. Eifert
Date: 8/31/2008
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Thursday 18 September 2008
Oregon Section Traffic Manager Report Sept. 2008
Oregon Section Traffic Manager Report Sept. 2008
W7IZ 163
N7CM 112
K7IFG 106
K7EAJ 86
N7YSS 84
K7PMB 82
W7VSE 51
WS7L 23
N7CM 255
K7EAJ 240
KD7THV 138
N7XG 110
N7YSS 110
KK7DEB 104
W7ELI 102
W7VSE 93
KK7TN 90


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Sunday 24 August 2008
Club News
Thanks to all who participated in the Hood to Coast Relay this past weekend. It was a blast, and amateur radio served as a vital link for communications, since most of the course from Vernonia to the Coast does not have Cell service, we were the only communication in or out of that area. The runners seemed to really appreciate our efforts and for just being there for them. At the exchange where I was located, a State Police Officer came by to ask us to relay that a runner had gone down a half a mile back. I'm not sure why he didn't radio it in, but we had emergency responders there in no time. The net control operators were all very professional and did a great job. Thanks to Martin, KC7ILK who coordinated this event.

Courtesy of the McMinnville Amateur Radio Club (MARC):
The bright orange registration forms are out and available for this fall's October 25 Swap-Toberfest at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall. Early registration is $8 per person to Mid-Vally ARES,
PO Box 27, Monmouth, OR 97361. Please include an SASE for ticket return.
MARC will be holding their annual picnic on September 20 at the QTH of Armand, W7IG and Millie, W7MIP, Pilotte in Sheridan. For more information check their web page at: www.marcwireless.org

The Tillamook Emergency Amateur Radio Service (TEARS) reports that a General Class license course starts on Tuesday September 2 at the Tillamook County Library from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The class will meet once at week on Tuesdays for 10 weeks with a final license exam on November 6. Contact Gary Mahan, N7IS, or Steve Tomlinson, K7XP at Radio Shack in Tillamook to sign up.

The Lincoln City Amateur Radio Club invites you to attend their breakfast on Saturday September 6, at Sambo's Restaurant at 7 AM, or when you get there. The group is an informal gathering and meets in a private dining room in the back. Orders are off the menu and with individual checks. No meeting or dues, just breakfast. Sambo's is located on Hwy 101 on the north end of town at 3262 NE Hwy 101.

Please send your club news items to me, Pat Roberson, at: n7pat@arrl.net and I will include them in the next edition.

Pat Roberson, N7PAT
Assistant Oregon Section Manager, Administrative
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