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My goal is to make sure this website is always current during my term(s) as section manager. I want to have as many communication methods available as possible to hear what you in the Oregon section have to say. This is one of many ways for me to hear you. I welcome any suggestions for content. With the help of the section leadership, it will be added to continually. I look forward to working with you and am making plans to visit all the affiliated clubs in the state during my first year in office and hope to be able to participate in some of your activities. I have visited some ARES groups as well.

Also please keep in mind that this website is a work in progress and we will do our best to keep it updated with the information provided by our amateur radio community. Currently login access is limited primarily to the Oregon section cabinet. I am beginning to provide access to individuals designated by the DEC's for updating ARES-related information. As we make more features available you will be notified via the arrloregon Yahoo Group. Join the group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arrloregon/.

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Thursday 01 January 2009
Oregon District-1 Severe Weather Report
Oregon District-1 is now being subjected to flooding, heavy rain, and high winds from yet another series of winter storms that are spaced out into the Pacific and that are hitting the Oregon coast and moving inland at this time causing major issues of various nature.

There has been no formal District-1 net activated at this time. But I have asked the the county ECs and any EOCs that are active to monitor the D-1 frequency on the hour and half hour for status reports or a chance to pass any needed information. I have contacted the D-1 net manager and gave him a heads-up for possible net activation at some point as the situation develops. This will help in keeping manpower needs down at this point in case this becomes a full blown district wide ARES activation.

ECs should be telling their people to monitor their county primary frequencies on the hour and half hour just to check equipment, pass along information, and have it be a point of contact if needed.

The current status of each of the D-1 counties are listed below as off 1500 1/1/09:

The Clatsop Co EOC staff personnel are monitoring water levels at this time. There is standing water on several of the counties roads at this time and these sites are being monitored by the county road department. The acting EC reports that his people are ready to deploy if needed. There is no ARES activation at this point.

The Columbia Co EOC has checked with the county EC on personnel availability only at this point. The EC said some of the usual low areas are getting real wet right now. The EC has made a check on his people for availability. There is no ARES activation at this point.

The Washington Co EC, and the TV news, are reporting the usual ares with standing water or problem areas at this time. There is no ARES activation at this point.

Tillamook Co EOC is fully activated as of 1200 hrs 1/1/09. ARES assets are in place and fully operational at the main county EOC and the south mini-EOC. They have not activated the north mini-EOC at this point.

Two of the three main rivers are flooding at this point. Hwy #6 has several places where 4" of running water is going across the road in 30-40 yd wide areas. The OR Dept of Transportation (ODOT) is worried about a culvert at mile post (MP) 19 that is blocked with debris and threatening to take out the road itself. ODOT is working to reduce the situation at this time.

The Clackamas Co EOC staff personnel are monitoring water levels at this time. There is standing water on several of the counties roads at this time and these sites are being monitored by the county road department. I have made a check with my key personnel for availability if personnel are needed. There is no ARES activation at this point.

The Multnomah Co EC, and the TV news, are reporting the usual areas with standing water or problem areas at this time. There is no ARES activation at this point.

The Oregon Trail Chapter ARC has activated their EOC in anticipation of ARC needs in Tillamook and possibly Clatsop Counties if the flooding gets bad and people have to evacuate, or if they loose power or communication capabilities. It should be noted that OTC's area of operation is almost the same as District-1. I have appointed a liaison (Bill, N7HOT) between ARC & ARES some time ago to coordinate efforts, equipment, and other needs during an emergency. He has been in touch with me by phone and radio with situational updates and will continue to do so unless he is deployed.

(1) The National Weather Service is still reporting yet another series of storms spaced out over the next week that will bring in more moisture along with high winds to the area.
(2) Various county EOC staff personnel are continuing to monitoring the water levels closely because of potential flooding issues from the melting snow and current level of rain we are getting
(3) ARES District-1 leadership and personnel are standing by to support any served agency needs as they develop within the district.
(4) All the usual potential areas for flooding in the Portalnd metro area are being watched closely and monitored. This involves Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah Counties.
(5) There is good weather coverage on the metro Portland television stations at this time.
(6) ECs and D-1 staff personnel are asked to report any change(s) in their area of operation status at any time, day or night, to my cell with a follow-up by email when they can to insure that I can keep in the loop and send the proper information up the chain of command
(7) The D-1 PIO (Steve, KE7JJS) has put out a press release on theTillamook Co activation and he will be following the situation closely as it continues to develop.

Please feel free to contact me if I may be of further assistance or provide additional information.

David M. Kidd

Emergency Coordinator (ARES)
Radio Officer (RACES)
Clackamas County, OR
Web link: http://www.clackamasares.org

District Emergency Coordinator (ARES)
Oregon Section ARES District One
Web link: http://www.oregonaresd1.org/
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