News Item: : New Affiliated Club Coordinator for the Oregon Section
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Posted by Bonnie Altus
Tuesday 07 June 2011 - 08:00:22

Dan Bathurst, WA7ABU, has agreed to assume responsibility as the Oregon Section Affiliated Club Coordinator.  He knows a lot of people around the state and deals with a lot of email for various purposes on a regular basis in ham radio.

If you have questions about club affiliation or becoming a special service club, feel free to contact him for direction.

Will Sheffield, N7THL, did a great job in this position for many years, during a time when quite a few new clubs became affiliated.  During that time, there was a lot of work tracking down clubs that either did not realize they needed to renew their affiliation or who will having trouble figuring out how to accomplish that and needed assistance.
Bonnie AB7ZQ

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