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Posted by Bonnie Altus
Monday 16 July 2012 - 17:00:31


Hi everyone. I know I said I would send out a section news while I was recovering from surgery but I don't seem to have gotten everything done that I expected to while I was recovering. I took more naps than I expected, even though I didn't need to take any of the narcotics they gave me after I got home. I was fine with just the prescription-strength Ibuprofen.

Everything came back from pathology as benign after surgery so that is good news. They did an open procedure and took everything out intact just in case it didn't come back benign but I was fortunate. I was released from the hospital on Sunday June 2nd (while you were all leaving Seapac). I am back to work at my part-time job at the state hospital but I am coming home early since I get tired and uncomfortable sitting in a chair all day. I come home and take a nap, then I'm up late.

Because of all that I missed Seapac as well as field day activities. I did get a call with some NTS (National Traffic System) messages sent to me from field day sites and received some field day messages in Airmail.

Beginning this year, ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) started the Drew Holmes (W7GER) Memorial Field Day Award. The ARES unit who operates at their EOC (Emergency Operations Center) or COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan) site as a class F station and makes the most contacts will receive that award. If your ARES unit operated on field day, please make sure Vince Van Der Hyde, K7VV, receives your contact records. Mark and I had dinner at the Spirit Mountain Casino buffet tonight and we ran into him and Frank Gruber. He said he hasn't received any field logs yet for this award other than OEM (Oregon Emergency Management).

I will be going down to the Coos County hamfest this weekend. At the moment it sounds like my husband is planning to go with me. We'll know for sure when I'm ready to head out the driveway. I made reservations at the Mill RV Park for both Friday and Saturday nights. I know I'll be too tired to drive home after hanging out at the hamfest all day. That way I can take my time getting down there on Friday and have a leisurely trip back home on Sunday. I hope to see many of you down there.

I haven't gotten a lot of news well organized right now since I got way behind on my ham radio email and just got caught up quickly over the weekend. I will be going to the Hoodview club on Thursday night so I will get myself current on what is going on before then.

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